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Save Money on Groceries

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Surebaby reader Debbie recently asked, “I have three children and spend more than $200 every week on groceries and household products.  How can I save money on groceries!” 

Excellent question, Debbie.  With today’s economy, it is all too important to find deals everywhere we can, particularly in the grocery store.  Here are some ideas to help you get started saving money on your weekly grocery bill! 

  •  Cloth diapers are a thing of the past, don’t you think?  We sure don’t, and encourage moms to try cloth diapers, saving both money and our beautiful planet.  Many modern mothers are switching from disposable diapers to cloth.  With products such as Pocket Diapers, Rumpsters and bumGenius on the market, mothers have a variety of non-disposable diapers to choose from!
  • Breast is best, which now goes for saving on groceries too!  Talk to your health care provider about breast feeding before you have your baby.  It is a healthy choice for both baby and your wallet!         
  • Ask your pediatrician for samples when he or she suggests an over-the-counter medication.  And if you choose to use formula, be sure to ask for samples of that too!
  •  Make your own baby food in bulk, freezing small portions for easy use and cost savings.  See our article on,  Make Your Own Baby Food.
  • Look on the lower shelves in the grocery store when you are shopping.  This is where the store places cheaper items or foods that are on sale.     
  •  Shop at two grocery stores rather than one.  This doesn’t mean you have to drive across town, but consider getting your deli meats at one store while purchasing your common groceries at lower priced stores that have fewer “bells and whistles.” ·         Coupons, coupons, coupons!  Find the time to clip and save whenever you can.  We find it helpful to purchase an inexpensive coupon holder to help you organize and plan.
  •  Studies show that if you shop when you are hungry your bill goes up significantly.  Eat before you shop!     
  • Write out a menu for the week before you even step foot in the grocery store.  Challenge yourself by only buying what is on your list.  We know you can do it!        
  •  Can family or friends watch your children while you shop?  Having your children in tow often leads to extra purchases.  After all, your children are really good at “cute looks” while they hold up that extra box of cookies!  

Do you have any cost saving tips to share with other moms?  We would love to hear them!

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