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Similac Recall, Check Your Pantry For These Numbers!

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Attention SureBaby Members! Abbott Laboratories has just posted a recall on their Similac brand powdered formula due to a potential beetle contamination at the Sturgis, Michigan manufacturing plant. Abbott has suspended all production at the plant and is working hard to get the news of the recall into as many media outlets as possible.

You will need to check the numbers on any 8 ounce, 12.4 ounce and 12.9 ounce cans.
The following numbers are affected by the recall:

87932T20, 88117T26, 78208T2, 88136T20, 91433t20, 800-986-8850, 800-545-5216, 800-515-7677, 800-986-8800, 847-937-6100, (847) 935-8865,(847)935-3456, 66128RB6, 61251 RB6, 61347RB, 84314 RB, 85454 T2, 86580 T20, 88137T20 and 90372T20

Also, 85260T2, 87829T20, 84262T2, 79496T2, 88113T20, 66128RB6, 61251 RB6, 61347RB, 84314RB, and 1.45lb tubs with product numbers 88137T20, 89246T21, 90374T20, 90398T20.

If you are unsure of how to check the numbers or would like to discuss your concerns with a company representative you can go to the website or phone the toll free number for Abbott's consumer hotline; (800)986-8850.

Keep in mind that the website may be down and/or the phone may be busy due to the volume of people looking for information, so patience is of the utmost priority.

If you have already been using the powdered formula with the affected numbers, you should stop immediately and give your child's doctor a phone call to ask for their parenting advice.

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