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Soy Formula vs. Milk Formula – Who’s the Winner?

Posted by Alissa Robson

A lot of time is spent talking about the benefits of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding – but what about the different types of formula?

A new report has taken a look at soy protein-based formulas as compared to milk-based ones, particularly in terms of brain development. There have been worries in the past that soy-based formulas don’t measure up, but this new report indicates that there is no significant detriment to soy-based formulas. In fact, in cases where babies have difficulties digesting milk formulas, it is considered the better choice.

Soy-based formulas are also a popular choice for families who have chosen a vegan lifestyle.

The study followed 400 babies over the first year of their lives, checking in at three-month intervals to test development and communication skills. The measurements were adjust accordingly for factors like mother’s age and IQ and the family’s socioeconomic status.

Of the three groups – breastfed babies, soy formula babies and milk formula babies – there were only very slight differences, and all three groups were within normal ranges for brain development.

Breastfed babies did test better for mental development and cognitive and physical movement combinations, but only in some cases. While this is still evidence of the “breastfeeding is best” message that is so prevalent right now, if you’ve chosen formula feeding or have had no choice in the matter, study author Thomas Badger encourages mothers not to worry too much.

"While we feel there are significant benefits to breastfeeding, parents who cannot or do not breastfeed should not feel guilty or worried that their children will have adverse growth and development outcomes," he said

A good message, in light of the “mom wars” on breastfeeding nowadays! What are your thoughts on soy-based formulas vs. milk-based? Leave them in the SureBaby comments!

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