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Starting Solids Too Soon is Dangerous, Study Shows

Posted by Alissa Robson

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a “right” age to start your baby on solid foods, a new study is showing that 6 months may actually be the magic number.

Many mothers, in this generation and in generations past, have seen to reason to wait till this mark, especially when many babies begin showing interest in food as early as four months. But according to research out of the American Academy of Pediatrics, starting food so early can actually increase the risk of certain diseases and issues like allergies and asthma.

The logic behind this is that babies have pores in their stomachs through which proteins can enter, leading to allergies, food sensitivities and even eczema and other conditions. At 6 months, these pores should be closed.

The solid food study tracked the weekly feeding habits of 1,334 mothers in the United States. Results showed that mothers who fed their babies formula were twice as likely as breastfeeding mothers to introduce solid foods before six months.

It was also found that mothers introducing foods early were typically younger, single parents with a lower level of education or who were part of a low-income nutrition support program.

All the advice we’ve read and received has been to stick to the 6-month mark before introducing solids, but with a curious and hungry little one, it can be hard to wait. We want to know what advice you received and when you started introducing solids to your babies!

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