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Stop Using Phil&teds Metoo Clip-on Chair, CPSC Says

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants a national recall on thousands of Metoo Clip-on Tabletop Chairs – but the company who makes them, Phil&teds, refuses to cooperate on the matter.

The Metoo chair, a metal chair with a nylon basket seat, is designed to clip on to restaurant tables and other tabletops, to be used in lieu of a high chair. It clamps to the table with two metal vise clamps that are said to support children up to 33 lbs. But according to the CPSC, models without plastic spacers on the clamps are dangerous, and nearly a dozen instances of injury have already been reported.

Other models of the chairs, which have the plastic spacers, are still being investigated.

Multiple issues have been identified with the chairs, including vice clamps loosening and undoing, poor marketing material that could lead to improper use, and also a danger of pinched fingers due to a lack of space between the clamps and a horizontal bar on the chair.

Phil&teds believes they have a repair for the chair to make it safer, which consists of placing “rubber boots” on the upper part of the chair’s clamps. However, the CSPC does not feel this repair is enough to flag the product as safe for consumers, and is urging owners to stop using the chairs immediately.

They are also urging owners to disregard Phil&teds repair kit altogether, despite the fact that the company stated it was working “in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

To read the full recall, visit the CPSC website.

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