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Stress During Pregnancy Harmful to Baby, Study Shows

Posted by Alissa Robson

Pregnant women everywhere, take 10 deep breaths – the stress you feel during your pregnancy could be impacting your baby.

A study out of Princeton University has found that the babies of women who experience stress during their pregnancy have an increased risk of the breathing condition known as “meconium aspiration” at birth.

Meconium aspiration occurs when babies breathe meconium (early faeces) and amniotic fluid into their lungs at the time of delivery. This condition is a sign of fetal distress, and the baby will likely have to be placed on a ventilator.

Interestingly, the study looked at birth records alongside meteorological information for Texas babies born between 1996 and 2008, and included mothers who were on a tropical storm path during their pregnancy (yup, that would definitely be a cause of stress!).

It was found that mothers who were within roughly 18 miles of a storm’s path during their third trimester had a 60 percent greater chance of having a baby with meconium aspiration.

This study was very specific, but does add weight to the theory that stress during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby, in varying degrees.

So moms-to-be out there, do your best to stay out of the paths of hurricanes and stop fretting about things like balancing the cheque book and keeping the house pristine! It’s good for you and the baby.

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