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Talking Doll Has Foul Mouth – Will Your Kids, Too? [WATCH]

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Little girls love to play-act with their dolls, but those who have the You and Me Interactive Triplets doll set may have to learn to wag their finger and say “No swearing!”, after a recording was made of the doll babbling “You crazy b---h.”

That’s right, one of the three adorable little dolls in the set appears to have an attitude problem – or at least a problem with her recorded audio track. Though not every instance of the doll set has the issue, dozens of complaints have been called in to Toys R Us (one of the major retailers where the dolls are sold) about the swearing and numerous YouTube videos have been posted with recordings, including the one below:

Toys R Us has released a statement saying they have no plans to stop selling the doll, but parents are able to return it with a proper receipt if they choose.

This isn’t the first time a doll’s vocabulary has been called into question. In 2008, Fisher Price’s “Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo” was pulled off the shells at retailers Target and Walmart after it was said to be uttering the pro-Islam phrase “Islam is the light” and satanic message “Satan is king.”

While it’s easy to laugh at the recording tracks, it’s also a serious issue. People have paid money for these dolls as a gift for their child, and did not get what they expected (to say the least).

At SureBaby, we want to know – do you think the foul-mouthed Interactive Triplet doll needs to be recalled like the Little Mommy doll or is giving the option to return enough?  Should there be tighter regulations or QA of toys with audio tracks? Let us know in the comments!

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