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New IRS Tax Breaks for Breastfeeding Equipment

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It’s something that families and medical professionals have been vying for for years, but which a decision from the Internal Revenue Service has only just now brought into reality – tax breaks for breastfeeding equipment.

While it may not seem like a huge expenditure, the supplies necessary for mothers to breastfeed can add up. Breast pumps alone can cost hundreds of dollars, and even moms who breastfeed naturally incur the costs of bottles, nursing pads and other supplies.

You might be asking, why all of a sudden has the IRS come around?

In the past, the IRS has denied breastfeeding equipment tax breaks on the grounds that there wasn’t enough evidence of the health benefits of breastfeeding to qualify it under the category of medical care. But recently, studies have emerged indicating that breastfeeding for longer periods can help reduce instances of childhood obesity.

This line of research has been picked up by First Lady Michelle Obama, who is incorporating breastfeeding into her “Let’s Move” anti-childhood obesity campaign. Without pushing a pro-breastfeeding agenda, Obama wants to focus on giving women the information and resources should they choose to breastfeed their children.

Along with the First Lady’s remarks, the IRS’ big announcement also coincides with a recent “nurse-in”, which was staged to protest remarks made by security guards to a woman breastfeeding her child on a bench in the Hirshhorn museum. The goal of the nurse-in was to raise public awareness around the issue of breastfeeding.

It’s safe to say then, that with the publicity from the nurse-in, the IRS’ tax break announcement and the First Lady’s latest initiatives all occurring alongside each other, big steps have been taken to recognize the importance of breastfeeding both in society and as a health measure.

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