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Time Magazine Cover Fuels Mom Wars!

Posted by Alissa Robson

If you haven’t seen the cover of Time Magazine already, you’re among the few – the provocative cover of a woman breastfeeding a 3-year-old who is standing on a chair has sparked more than a bit of outrage and controversy on both sides of the breastfeeding and attachment parenting fence.

The cover bears the headline “Are You Mom Enough?”, which in itself is enough to get any mom’s blood boiling. Of course I’m mom enough, how dare you even ask! But while it was likely Time’s goal to get people’s backs up, they may have bitten off more than they bargained for.

Breastfeeding is a hot-button topic. While very few people are actually “against” breastfeeding, there are many opinions on where and how it should be done, and most certainly how long is normal and natural. Even those who are the biggest proponents of breastfeeding get a little squeamish at the idea of a toddler latched on to the breast.

With all the debate coming out about the cover of the magazine, most people aren’t even thinking about the article itself – which largely focuses on attachment parenting guru William Sears. The cover has caused a battle of its own, another Mom Wars, right up there with tiger parenting and soccer mom-ing, pitting moms against each other with its competitive message. And it’s no surprise that moms are reacting all across the Web.

At SureBaby, we’ll weigh in too – we think Time did a great job in dropping a hornet’s nest that has got people talking. But we want moms everywhere to realize that the cover should be the starting point of a conversation, not a war. Moms should be sharing with each other, learning from each other and figuring out what is going to work best for them and their children – not worrying about where they measure up against other moms.

Moms out there, we’re not each other’s enemies, we’re allies. We might have different plans of attack, a different set of weapons and a different definition of victory, but we’re all working toward the same goal – raising healthy kids who are accepting of others and open to new ideas. And if that’s the goal, then we should be setting the example.

But enough from us, we want to know – what do you think of Time’s controversial cover? Where do you stand on breastfeeding and attachment parenting? Weigh in on the conversation in our Comments!

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