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Vegan Pregnancy Diet – Is It Safe?

Posted by tina

Celebrity mom-to-be Emily Deschanel is going public about her vegan pregnancy diet – but we have to wonder, is it safe?

Many people worry about strict vegetarian and vegan diets during pregnancy, because it can be very challenging to get the nutrients your body needs, not only to fuel yourself, but a growing fetus as well.

Among the deficiency concerns are vitamin B12, folate and iron, all of which are commonly found in animal products. Deficiency in these essentials can lead to anemia, muscle weakness and lowered immune system, and may also increase risk of complications during delivery.

While it is possible to take supplements to make up these deficiencies – always consult a doctor before taking any supplements, however – it’s also possible to keep your nutrient levels up with foods.

Taking a few cues from Deschanel’s diet, a vegan pregnancy diet should include plenty of vegetables (especially dark-coloured, leafy ones), fruits, berries and nut butters.

Vegan pastas and bread are perfect for adding carbs to your diet when you need them, while tofu, soy, tempeh and beans will provide you with much-needed protein.

Calcium, which is also important in a vegan diet, especially during pregnancy, can be found in kale, kelp and Brewer’s yeast.

These are just the starting points for a healthy vegan pregnancy diet. And while a vegan diet can be very healthy, it’s still important that you consult a nutritionist and your doctor before starting any new diet while you’re pregnant. For those who are already vegans and become pregnant, you’ll want to pay even closer attention to ensuring you’re meeting nutritional requirements.

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