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Viral Time-Lapse Pregnancy! [WATCH]

Posted by Alissa Robson

Lots of moms document their pregnancies, but the couple in this video have taken it to a whole new level! Check out their creative pregnancy montage video.

The video consists of a series of time-lapsed photos that detail mom’s expanding belly as the pregnancy progresses. Dad makes several appearances, giving his wife high fives, kissing her growing belly and even carrying her across the threshold as they move into a new house.

At the end of the video, which is simply named “Introducing”, the couple’s daughter, Amelie Amaya, makes her debut (don’t worry, there’s no delivery footage included) in the arms of her very proud parents. Check it out now:

Though the stars of the video aren’t named, their work as quickly gone viral and is drawing views and comments from all sorts of people – some who think it’s the most creative thing since belly art, and others who say it’s just weird.

At SureBaby, we have to say whether you like the video or not, you have to applaud this couple on their creativity and their patience and diligence! Come on Moms, how many of you out there are guilty of not even filling out your entire Pregnancy Journals?

And personally, we think the video is cute – natural and fun, just a great way to celebrate such a special time in a couple’s life.

What do you think moms- and dads-to-be? Are you inspired enough to think of shooting your own video before your big day? Will you stick with something more traditional like a scrapbook or journal?

Let us know your plans and thoughts on this video in the comments!

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