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“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” Movie Review!

Posted by Alissa Robson

Call me crazy, but my husband and I have a pattern of marking major events in our life with chick flicks – we saw “Four Christmases” together not long after getting really serious, checked out “Bridesmaids” while we were engaged, and just this Friday hit the theatre for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” now that we’re just months away from baby.

Neither of us is really a fan of most conventional “chick flicks” and we were a bit nervous about this one. Ensemble cast films can be really, really good (read: “Love Actually”) or just painfully ho-hum (read: “New Year’s Eve”). But we went in with an open mind, just the same.

The Movie

Despite its title, this film really has nothing to do with the book by the same famous name. It’s just about a variety of couples who are faced with the prospect of a baby coming into their lives – some by accident, some by choice, and some by any means necessary. Some are older, well-established couples, others are brand new to relationships.

The star-studded cast includes veteran chick-flick actresses Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, newcomers Anna Kendrick and Brooklyn Decker, and other familiar names like Elizabeth Banks, Chris Rock, Dennis Quaid and more.

The Review

In terms of great comedic chick flicks about pregnancy – “Knocked Up” and “Juno” come to mind as a start – this movie didn’t quite get there. The characters were fun at times, but didn’t really have a lot of depth (not that you expect a whole lot in a comedy). The humor itself was surprisingly ho-hum, with pregnancy clichés on flatulence, labor pain and stretch marks abounding, and WAY too many jokes about incontinence for my taste. (And my husband’s…sorry, honey, I feel ya.)

But there were some honestly funny moments, including those from a quirky baby store assistant, a "gang" of dads and a soon-to-be grandpa and his much younger wife. There were also a few moments that touched on real emotion on the subject of pregnancy, though I wish there had been a bit more or that they had gone even deeper.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend seeing this movie on its own merits, overall, my husband and I had fun checking it out. Maybe this is the pregnancy hormones talking, but it was really cool to be able to do something as a couple to mark this event in our lives. Sure, seeing a pregnancy movie is no babymoon to some fabulous tropical resort, but for us, it works!

Oh, And One More Thing

Okay, I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning this one little quirk. I have seen many movies that included birth scenes – some funny, some traumatic, some just downright nasty, but I have never had them affect me to this degree before.

When it came time for the labor scenes in “What to Expect”, a little part of my brain triggered an alarm and I found myself gripping the arms of my theatre chair. While the scenes were highly dramatized and pretty silly, it just seemed to dawn on me – labor is going to really hurt! I’m not prepared for this! And it’s going to happen in just a couple of months!

Well, I took 10 deep breaths and hope to enrol in a labor preparation class to help me calm my anxieties. But maybe I’ll stick to movies without birth scenes from now on!

SureBaby readers, have any of you seen this movie? What did you think or what are your all-time favourite pregnancy movies?

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