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Where Does Your State Rank for Depression?

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depression.jpgMental Health America has released information regarding their first-of-its-kind study that ranks all 50 states in the US and the District of Columbia when it comes to depression and suicide. Researchers uncovered statistical links between mental-illness rates, health insurance, education levels and the overall availability of mental health resources and treatment. The president and CEO of the non-profit organization Mental Health American says, "Basically, the story that emerged is that access to care makes a difference. By expanding mental health care resources, states can improve their population's depression levels." According to the report, the top five most-depressed states are: Utah, West Virginia, Kentucky, Rhode Island and Nevada. The states that came out the least-depressed were: South Dakota, Hawaii, New Jersey, Iowa and Maryland. Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana and Wyoming were at the top of the list for the states with the highest suicide rates. District of Columbia, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island were at the bottom. To view the full state ranking report, go to:

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