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Woman Gives Birth After Completing Chicago Marathon!

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It would be a feat for many of us to simply run a marathon, but Amber Miller, 39, has done it while nearly 39 weeks pregnant, and gave birth just 7 hours later!

Miller participated in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, running the first half of the race and then walking the second to finish in 6 hours, 25 minutes and 50 seconds.

While it may seem unsafe to be running the race so late in her pregnancy, Miller did receive her doctor’s blessing to run for half the race. She also wasn’t alone out there, as her husband ran it with her, though he did struggle to keep up at times.

“Without training for it, he actually got a little bit behind,” Miller said, adding, “But he was out there with me.”

Miller said she started experiencing contractions “randomly” during the race, but she didn’t think too much of it since she’d felt a contraction or two during her training leading up to the marathon. It wasn’t until just after she finished that she started to notice the contractions coming regularly.

After waiting an hour, Miller grabbed a sandwich and headed to the hospital, where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, June.

We have to admit that there aren’t many of us here at SureBaby who would even think of running a marathon, let alone doing it pregnant, so we have to admire Miller (knowing that she ran with the blessing of her doctor, of course).

Know of any other miraculous accomplishments moms-to-be have achieved? Let us know in the comments!

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