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Women Failing in Fertility Knowledge, Study Shows

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Blame it on Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek – a new study shows that women are way off in their calculations and estimates on fertility, when it comes to age.

In a presentation at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting, research was shared on how women relate fertility and age, or namely, what they think their odds are of getting pregnant as they get older.

While it’s common knowledge that your chances of having a successful pregnancy go down with age, many women don’t know how much. In the study, which was conducted by survey on over 1,000 women between the ages of 25 and 35, some of the key findings were as follows:

- Seven out of ten questions on fertility were answered with a correct response rate of less than 50 percent.

- The women surveyed were wrong primarily on questions about how much fertility decreases with age.

- Women failed to recognize that a woman aged 30 has only a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant each month, and by 40, only a 5 percent chance. Estimates from those surveyed pegged a 30-year-old as having a 70 percent chance and a 40-year-old, a 60 percent chance.

This statistics are a bit alarming, especially since many women are waiting longer and longer to have children, while they establish their careers and find the right person to settle down with. It may also be that women are starting to skew the fertility age because they are seeing more and more celebrity women have babies at later ages and making it look easy.

So in light of this survey, we at Surebaby want to know - what’s your fertility IQ? Share your thoughts on aging and fertility in the Comments!

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