Overuse of Antibiotics in Children

When they take their children in to see a health professional, and immediately they are put on antibiotics as a precaution, most parents are thankful. However, the overuse of antibiotics is producing bacterial resistance, making some infections harder to treat. Bacteria is an ever-evolving organism, constantly mutating to survive in a changing world, so when antibiotics are used unnecessarily, the risk of bacterial resistance is higher.

Bacterial resistance is a worldwide problem and it affects everyone. If this practice continues, bacteria will become more potent, and infections will be harder and harder to treat. There are already some strep bacteria that are extremely difficult to treat.


Early on, before much medical research had been done on this issue, it was not uncommon for doctors to prescribe antibiotics to patients for most any illness. It was not until bacterial resistance had already gotten a foothold that anyone realized the more dangerous side of haphazardly doling out medicine. Nowadays, many physicians are aware of this danger, but there are still many who are either ignorant or are stubbornly prescribing unnecessarily.

It is important to note that a lot of doctors face unnecessary pressure as well when it comes to prescribing medicine. That is where parents fall in. When children become ill, it is usually the parent who seeks medical attention for their child. Some parents then take this one step further, demanding antibiotics, since they would certainly like to see their child feeling better. It is good for a parent to be aware of his or her child's problem, but they should also realize that expert opinion has some value. A good healthcare provider will consider all of the information a parent shares with them regarding their child's health before making a diagnosis. If a parent feels that is not the case, they should seek a second opinion.

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