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EsCHa_0419 - 26 years old Female

Mii FiRsT BBy

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26 years old
Zuni, New Mexico
United States
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I like do play basketball and volleyball. And sometimes go swimming, also hanging out with friends and boyfriend.

I have tons of choices. =0)

I like to listen to rap, hip-hop, and country, guess you could just say any type of music, just as long as it catches my attention or gets me moving hahaha.

Hmmmm....maybe about teen pregancy or teen trounbled books. or real stories and novels.

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03/16/2011 10:50:57

I would like a bby boy, or maybe a girl :)

I can't stand annoying little kids that don't really like to listen and don't like to repeat myself to them.

I like the color Pink, Black, and Purple. I like going to school and plan on becoming a teacher or a nurse, I like eating anything that catches my taste budds. Im funny at times and im also very kind. i care alot about my nieces and nephews. I love them like they were my own children, ugh....if you want to know more just ask me.

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From: EsCHa_0419
04/18/2011 10:25:23

So happy today......my b-day is coming up..

From: EsCHa_0419
04/08/2011 11:11:51

ughhhhhhhhhh.....its friday and im feeling a little tired... i confronted him about that girl and i told him if he wants to be doing that then i shouldn't even be there, cuz what am i there 4 anyway..his mom got mad at him.. he told me and her that it was long time ago b4 we took our relationhip serioulsy. but i dnt believe him becasuse i txtd tht girl and she told me that she got his number frm some guy and he told her that he was single. ouch! that hurts.... i asked wen they met and she said just yesterday...so i guess its ok for me to do that behind his back too. but im not that type of girl so i'll keep my kitty in my pants, but his mom understands how i feel so she asked me if i wanted to go home... im home wit my family..his been txting me and asking me to go back but i dont trust him this time...nope..if he quits then mayb i will. it will take some time.....GOD why does ths always have to happen with me...mayb its a sign...

From: mom_of_two
04/06/2011 13:23:51

Esther, if you don't think you can trust this boy, GET OUT! A boy who is trying to get you pregnant while cheating with another girl is trouble!

From: EsCHa_0419
04/06/2011 10:35:48

Is it possible that he could be cheating on me for someone he hardly knws?.... someone who just automatically txtd his number and just stated sending him nude picts?.....OH-NO!!!! im going crazy.. i dnt know how to find out if he is..oh please dnt let his love for me turn against me.. i feel sick because i feel that im getting played!!!!

From: mom_of_two
03/23/2011 12:37:20

Hey, Es-

Not sure I understand your question. Are you asking whether that's a sign of fertility issues? Because you've had unprotected sex for a year and never got pregnant?

I wouldn't worry too much yet. It's true that most couples will get pregnant within a year if they're actively trying. However, if he was pulling out sometimes, and you weren't really tracking your cycle, it's possible you just got "lucky" and missed your fertile days.

On the other hand, are you asking if it's possible to get pregnant while using the "withdrawal" method, the answer is absolutely yes. If he ejaculates even a little bit inside you, you could get pregnant, so if this is not what you want you should use a condom or go on the pill

From: EsCHa_0419
03/23/2011 10:59:52

If there a time when you had sex unprotected a year long, and when the male comes inside you but the sperm comes back out when he pulls out..does that mean that u cant conceive?

From: EsCHa_0419
03/21/2011 10:38:18

Is it possible that if you have unportected sex for about a year with the same person, that you will catch something? such as AIDS or STDs?

From: EsCHa_0419
03/17/2011 11:04:19

Then i guess it will be, but im not really mad, just a little sad. Just wondering why im always sleepy.. everytime after school i take naps that last up to 2 or 3 hours, and i end up staying up for the rest of the night, his mom thinks that im still preg, but i dont want to tell her that im not cuz she'll think tht i was lying to her, But evrytime wer taking naps, and she thinks that im preg still, He told me that she dont have to kno, him and his mother dnt get along, so were staring to think of getting our own place, or move in with my family. ... i feel like going to slep now!

From: EsCHa_0419
03/15/2011 11:28:12

I did some research and i think that this is jst my plantation or what ever it is, becuase i was suppose to get my period in the beginnin of the month, it dont feel like im having my period, i had cramps all nite i couldnt slep, and its still hurting, my boobs are still sore......? what is this?! could ther be hope that i am Preg?!?! please help some1!!!!

From: EsCHa_0419
03/15/2011 11:15:39

I cant believe that this happened to me again, and here i dot that this would be it, i was really into lookin to be a mother!!!