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Labour and birth scare anyone?
Posted On: 02/06/2011 03:58:05

Hi ladies. I know its still a long way for me (i'm 18wks) but, does anyone ever think of labour and delivery and get scared? Lately, i've been thinkin about it and panic. I think about the pain. I hear it could be terrible for a first pregnancy and, i'm terrified. Anyone else have or had these concerns?


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From: Leah1
02/07/2011 13:01:57

To be honest this is the only part of being pregnant that does scare me...I have always day dreamed of the my reaction to finding out that am pregaz and how the delivery will go....I guess a woman only finds out when she does reach that point...For now am just going to continue day dreaming of the day when I find out that I am pregnant.......Just ask God to give you the strength that you need when you reach that stage......Much love.......

From: Mum1166
02/07/2011 01:56:38

Thanx Beans. I feel much better now i know there's option for pain.

From: Beans13
02/06/2011 11:18:07

lol i think everyone gets that but the trick is DONT LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLES HORROR STORIES!!!!!!! only makes it worse for you, everyones different for all you know you could have a quick 2-5 hr labour and give birth no problems just because ppl tell you its VERY painful doesnt mean it will be for you...........im sure it willl be good and not too bad....and if it does become too much they have drugs to help ! but just dont panic......bad for u and baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you are that concerned talk to your dr and get there advice....