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Pregnancy woes and loving it! :-D
Posted On: 02/21/2011 09:17:41

Hi ladies. I'm officially half way through my pregnancy. I'm 20.3wks today. I've been very forgetful lately, forgetting even the sliguest things lol. I've also noticed the first signs of back ache. Also, is it just me or is anyone sick of lying on their sides, especially their left sides? I find that i have to prop a pillow behind my back and one in front of my tummy to keep from rolling on my tummy or my back at night. Dh is going nuts laughing his head off. Bubba expresses his displeasure by giving me a kick or punch when i'm in a position he doesn't like. He gave dh a punch in the head yesterday! Serve him right! Lol. These are some of them but, i'd gladly have them over and over again for my bubbs. I luv him so much. Cheers to you ladies.


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From: Leah1
02/21/2011 13:16:21

Hi Mum1166, so glad to hear that you are enjoying the pregnancy woes........