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Nayz - 32 years old Female

pregnancy week by week

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32 years old
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I love reading, listening to all kinds of music. I also like to restore old this i.e bookshelf, chest draws etc

I love the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter series, horror, thriller

All kinds except for rap and death metal

Steven King, Kathy Reichs(what the series Bones is about), J.K Rowling(Harry potter books)

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If im on holidays i need my book!! I also can go anywere without my sun glasses!

I am a family person, my husband and i have a son who is 20months and were NOW PREGNANT with our 2nd, i have 5 siblings 4brothers(2 older 2 younger) and a younger sister. I am a very strong willed person, who can also be very stubbern lol

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From: Beans13
08/01/2011 00:20:23

YAY FOR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATZ

From: Beans13
06/27/2011 11:19:36

yea men suck lol kinda glad this is our last baby!! dont think i could do this all over again with hubby lmao althou its not just him.....babys killing me as well lol and unfortunetly our guys will never understand so be truely supportive....which really sucks mines not even supportive over breast feeding which really gets me...but whatever lol and yea i have been telling him im too tired and sore to do any "EXTRA" activites lol he thinks its just excuses but really its the full blown truth......

From: Beans13
03/23/2011 14:56:09

+ your message box is full so i cant reply privately

From: Beans13
03/23/2011 14:55:25

ok theirs alot of ppl with the same name as you so ill help you my little man in my picture wearing an orange shirt brown pants mixed in with my plants so thats the pic you'll see....the name of city i live in that shows lol is Bchaale' Liban and well theres more but im not gonna post more you get the picture :P find me and add me=D

From: Beans13
03/16/2011 11:03:56

Yea were ok.....so far they said our little boys very healthy and we shouldn't worry but they still want to make sure he stays that way and that they aren't missing anything since these scans arent detailed or anything so they aren't 100% but its going to be good hes gonna be a fighter....adn so far were both healthy and apparently its a common find with babys umbilical cord only having one artery so they know what their doing :)

From: Beans13
03/07/2011 11:11:16

lol yea im very excited too.... i find out at 12:30 on thursday...what times your scan? im really hoping both of us get our girls =) and i feel the same and my best friend has sorta the same symptoms as me and were both thinking girl so im hoping im right on thursday as well.....i enjoyed my pregnancy better with my son so far but onyl because ive never had dry skin and now my skins dryer then hell and i dont like having to use lotion everyday....ive never had to lol althou i can deal with it until i have baby this summer......I felt baby actually kick friday night im sooooooooooo excited still cant feel it competely when walking or standing but i was lying in bed watching a movie before bed relaxing when i felt him/her kick......its getting to the best part finallly YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Chrisi84
02/15/2011 05:47:13

Thanx m8, it helps reading messages of support. I didn't even get none on Valentine's! Im not happy at the moment, im worried im not going to get pregnant because of all the stress atm. We've took in a lodger, got a new dog and some temporary money probs, its all stressing me right out, prob more so because of the Clomid. Just dont know what to do.

From: Beans13
02/13/2011 21:56:46

whens your baby due again?

From: Beans13
02/13/2011 21:27:57

Nayz wrote:

Hey babe!!

Im soooo happy that ur friend is FINALLY EXPECTING YAY now u dont have to hide or feel sad lol!!! And i read ur pretty close together, which is what u guys wanted YAY YAY YAY lol. I bet u guys just love talking babies My cousin was due on the 9th but still nothing, she does to see her dr on the 13th and then they will decide on what to do next, its her 3rd son!!! I get to find out on the 10th March what about u whens ur next scan??

Ive been feeling really tired, all day long! im hoping it will pass and i get some energy lol i hope ur feeling better after that virus u had, did the dr give u anything for it? ohh i forgot, im starting to feel little movements!!!!! I felt them at about 17.5wks with my son and 2morrow im 16wks so thats good, i love feeling movments its making it more real lol

chat soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lmao thats awsome i get our scan March 10th too.....findin out sex for daddy this time;....i started feeling movements around the beggining of this past week so i was  few days before 15 weeks....cant believer its gonna be 16 weeks (4 months) this week here.....feels like its going to fast.........no the stomach flu thing only lasted 48 hrs so nothing to worry about althou it took my son almost two weeks to end his diahrrea from it....but hes good now......yea i dont remember how far along i was when i felt movements with my first son....wasnt until he was strong enough to see thru skin....never felt the flutters like i am now.....althou it doesnt feel like fluttering to me feels like my tummys twitching inside lol still awsome thou but i still cant wait  for Ethan to be able to see and feel baby moving inside me gonna be awosme lol

From: Beans13
02/04/2011 11:40:22

hey how are you doing Nayz? im very good now my son and the rest of us had the nasty stomach flu last weekend thank god thats over lol..... how you feeling