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New Community at SureBaby
Posted On: 06/27/2008 23:51:16

SureBaby Community is a place where moms can connect with other moms and promises to be a great place to come to encourage and be encouraged. I know that this place will grow and serve many. Extras are mom blogs, groups, forums, polls, videos, classifieds, quizzes and events. Take a look!

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From: Natalia
11/30/2010 08:29:29

I'm having two periods in 1 month, I've have sex 3 weeks ago with my boyfriend and about 2 days ago. At first we didn't use a condom  but he didn't ejaculate, then we put on the condom like 21 min after. I'm feeling sick as if I may be pregnant, I'm feeling to vomit but it just won't come up. I'm not sure what is there to be done. He suggest I do a Home preg test and see if I am.

Please I'm worried!!!!!!!!!! Could I possibly be pregnant?....................