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Quick Clean Up After Meals
Posted On: 07/07/2008 20:35:06

There are ups and downs when you work from home. In the summer, everyone is at home, all day, making messes. Ok, maybe not all day. I have college age kids, a teen and two preteen girls. It would be great if the older kids could help out with cleaning, etc., but they are too busy working and the younger kids help out as much as they can. I spend several hours a day behind this computer screen and don't have much time for cleaning. So I'm sharing this wonderful tip I saw on a cooking show... parchment paper. Ever heard of it? I hadn't. You line your baking sheets with parchment paper and your food literally slides off the paper, no kidding. I used it earlier today for cinnamon rolls and am using it for dinner too. No pans to clean up. You can cut pieces out to line cake pans, etc. Clean up after dinner isn't as hard. And honestly, after mustering up the energy to make dinner, who feels like cleaning up afterwards? Share your tips, we can help one another out

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