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From: lisalisa09
03/29/2010 10:20:43

Hi I just login in today. I am 18 years old and I am in college. I have real irregular periods. Sometimes I can go three or four months without a period and ten my doctor will have to give me some medicine to make it come on. But this is my problem: After not having a period for four months i took the medicine so on february 12 my period came on then it went off on the 19. I went to my doctor and he gve me some birth control pills to try and make my period act right but I had a real bad allegic reactions so the emergency room doctor took me off of them. But then on the 26 of february my period came back on and it went off on the 4 of march. me and my bf have never use a condom since we hve started having sex. So around the end of my period we hd sex and he never ever pulls out. We continue to still have sex this even after my period went off. I could i be pregnant? Please right me back or even txt at 662-295-9517 this is really important to me.

From: mahrosh
12/30/2009 02:01:27

hi dear m frm pakistan newly married trying to conceive plz reply me when u get my msg my periods are 2 days l;ate but i have no traditional syptoms of pregnancy  m i pregnant?

From: Joannerose
05/21/2009 03:36:34

hi ive just signed in..i wanna have enopugh knowlegde about being pregnant..i ahve lots of worries about my first pregnancy by the way im five monhts pregnant and has been left behind by my man..i dont know how to handle my situation and does this will affect my baby inside?will you please give me a piece of advice?

thanh you..

i would really appreciate it a lot..

From: katinryder
02/27/2009 06:11:43

I know I don't know how Jen Aniston can continue to be in their constant company. I wouldn't be able to look at them ever again.

Someone told me I can get hot chocolate cups for the coffee maker, so I'm looking into that, I'm so excited.

I am going to a huuuuge baby sale in Columbus tomorrow where hopefully I'll get the rest of what I need. Since Ryder and her are so close together, i still have my crib and some small stuff, but it's all blue.

From: katinryder
02/23/2009 09:47:19

Hello there! How are you today? I'm basking in the after oscar glow, I hadn't seen most of those movies, but now I want to! Thanks again so much for the coffee maker, I can't wait to try it, but DH has me on strict caffeine rules and I can't bring myself to drink decaf, it'll be all the sweeter when I get that first cup after baby! lol

From: NewMom
12/09/2008 17:34:35

Yes. It came last week. Thank you so much. I'm sorry if I bugged about it. There's a lot of deals on them right now and I just wanted to make sure I budgeted one in, in case it didn't get here in time for Christmas. It has a lot of neat extras on it but it is still simple to use.


From: amula
11/06/2008 02:06:47

nu uh I have not taken the test. My bf is commin over on the 11th and I am goin to do it then ill let you know as soon as I find out.

From: happymom
10/29/2008 07:32:39

I was looking for different groups. I was wonder if one can be created for military moms and wives?  Do I need to start one under the stay at home thing or can a whole new one be added to the list there is?



From: kimmy
10/15/2008 08:16:12

hi...i just signed in...and i do not know how to put pics on my
profile..im just wondering if you could help me?by the way im kim.and
im 5 months pregnant.tnx....

From: Benly
08/15/2008 18:11:45

Hi, I took the home pregnancy test a week ago and it came out possitive, its my 3rd time pregnany but I misscarriaged my 1st two. Im scared to know for sure if im pregnant. Im still in university, Im not married... Im just scared about my situation... if I am pregnany I really do want my baby.. I just dont know how to tell my parents!