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Posted On 03/30/2012 12:16:44 by nan224

For the past month and a half it feels like very time i turn around they have me restricted to same amounts of activity. It's like i want to go out with friends and do stuff other then small amounts of nothingness. The rooms and halls of this house are starting to drive me insane. The people i live with are the worst part. My grandparents annoy and constantly criticize me, my mom is always working, and my little brother is in a stage where he want's to push buttons until he get's grounded. Trying to control my depression, rage, and what is left of my self-confidence is going out the window fast. I'm so used to being the skinny, insecure about my body, flip out on the world person that being pregnent so young is very very hard. 

No-one know's everything but i know if i could go back and change it all i wouldn't. This experience has taught me to love my self even if its only for someone else. I would have dropped out of school by now if it not for the munchkin growing inside of me. There is a lot i have to learn and a high school education is one of the best things i could get right now.  Saturday, March 24, 2012