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Posted On 03/31/2012 23:03:27 by nan224

I'm getting sick of these tripps to the hospital. horible contractions and wierd problems, again. I wish i could have an easy pregnancy where i was happy and not stuck in bed every other week. We found out that i've dropped some more and he is really low that is why i've been having such harsh and defined presure. My cervix aren't dialated so that is good. He will be fully developed in five more weeks, then he can come anytime he pleases. Although i would really like him to hold out until after finals i will deal with what ever he throughs at me.. 

He is my sun and moon, my sense of gravity, he is my everything. He might already be a pain in my butt, but i love him. Only a mother can understand the love a woman holds for her child. I'm not perfect and i don't intend on ever being perfect. I am how ever human, i make mistakes and i learn from them. So what if i'm 16.? Who cares that i'm still in high school.? The point is that i have my whole life ahead of me i'm getting my education and my brain has plenty of open space to learn more. "The older you are the more closeminded you get." I've run into a number of nurses who i know think i'm crazy, well maybe i am. But the crazy thing is the lack of faith people have in younger generations. They are the future like it or not. My doctor is the best even though i see more of his wife then i do of him.. his wife is soo down to earth as well, they make the perfect gyn couple. (: Thomas is the one who delivers the babies liz just does the check-ups andthey are both on call in maternity. (: if it wheren't for them i have no idea what i would be doing.. If it wornt for my mom i would be lost. She helps me out with everything, and in all honesty i need her. Bed rest on the other hand i can live with out... -_-