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Posted On 04/07/2012 11:46:53 by nan224

It feels like an eternity of bedrest and being sick. I thought This was going to be easy but it's far from it... I thought that the babys dad would be by my side forever like he said, i thought my depression would ease up but it hasn't. I suppose i should stop thinking because it always ends up the opposite of what i want/ hope. I should have stayed the girl who all the guys wanted because she was hard to forget. No instead i gave it all up for three stupid meaningless words... Three words that have never taken so much affect to me. Now i realise how stupid and foolish i was. Now i am stuck in bed with a box of tissues, my phone, my laptop, and a bunch of work for history.. 

I suppose it's what i get for being so stupid. I gave up my world for this kid who said i was his world. I gave up flagteam, field-hockey, and lost friends. Well now it's almost over and all i have to show for it is being sick and on bedrest. Hmmm... i guess it's not as bad as it sounds. Maybe i'm just crazy for not apprediating everything i have. Or maybe i'm still inlove with the baby's dad and wish i wasn't so i constantly remind myself of all of the bad. -_- only my subconcious knows.