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Its happening again :)
Posted On 05/02/2012 00:08:19 by yummy_mummy

Well guys its been a fair while since i blogged so here is a update on how things are -


Once i hit the 29week mark i was in and out of hopsital once sometimes twice a week with early labour i still managed to go 4 days over and was only in labour for 6 hours had both the epidural and gas n air i did get induced as i had way to much protien in my wee wee for the likes of the doctor i didnt mind as i had been asking for it for weeks now - i had our precious lil girl on the 14th September 2011 she weighed 8 lb 6 oz ( 3.79kgs ) she was 51cm long i had to have help delivering her as she got stuck at the S bend (lol) so i had the suction cup and i also had the episiotamy (sp?)

Shes now almost 8 months old and can crawl and pull herself up on everthing and has 5 teeth with 2 more coming through she can also say mum dad bub nan...

we fell pregnant in Jan 2012 but had a M/C end of feb only to find out again in April that were pregnant again ( only having had sex once since the M/c ) had my bloods done and my levels were 90 000 got told it might be twins went for a scan which revealed only one baby had another set of bloods done to see if my bloods have leveled out when they came back they were 145 000 i am now ( 2nd May 2012 )  9.1 weeks pregnant experiencing extreme tiredness and morning sickness ive lost about 7 kilos.... were due the 4th od december  and were getting married in 2 months time :)

well thats all guys