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August 2012 Due Date Club | Welcome

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POSTED BY: Admin on 11/22/2011 14:18:46

Welcome to all ladies due in August 2012! Feel free to introduce yourselves here, or start your own topics.

POSTED BY: AnnMary on 12/08/2011 10:38:58


I am due in early August- - looks like I am the only one here for now!!!

Please tell me I'm not alone here, lol!


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POSTED BY: Jinsy on 12/14/2011 02:20:23


Missed my period on 5 dec...got my BFP twice (on 7dec and 8 dec)... went to Dr on 10 Dec but she said she cant find sac and asked me to visit her again after 15 days..,,, will go again on 24 dec as it is my off on that day... Hope she'll confirm.. Looking on to my dates so far it seems like my due would be somewhere in the mid august...

I have symptoms like sore breast, frequent need to pee, feeling very much tired. 

Its only 7 month since i married. This is my first baby so very much excited, confused and tensed  also...

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POSTED BY: ChristiBug00 on 12/17/2011 12:59:16

AnnMary - you're not alone!!  

I've been ttc for 2-1/2+ years and this past Tuesday I got a POSITIVE!! 

Because we had been trying for so long, we finally resorted to IUI.  After the first time we did it, I got preggers!!  The ONLY thing I wanted this Christmas and I GOT IT!! I'm so happy but it's still very surreal! 

I can't wait to see all the other moms due in August 2012!! 


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POSTED BY: prathi on 12/30/2011 06:47:03


first of all i congratulate all moms due on Aug-12'..

My due is on third week of Aug... This is my 6 th week,  Its only 6 month since i married. This is my first baby so very much excited... little tensed and tired too.. 


- Praveena Thilip 

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POSTED BY: Jinsy on 01/02/2012 00:44:38

hieee everybody,


Got first glimpse of my baby... m so happy...

M in 9 th week n was s happy to see my baby's heart beating so fast... Oh god m on cloud 9... 

12 aug 2012 is my due date... 

very much tired bt as soon as think about baby again get fully charged..

would like to know ur all experience..  :))))


Jinsy Riju :)

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POSTED BY: Matriarc on 01/03/2012 10:52:03

Hi everyone!

I am due on August 18th...Very excited to be expecting a baby at my age...

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POSTED BY: Brytni_LaFayette on 01/06/2012 17:09:44

Hey im due august 9 2012 and this is my first chil and im so scared what should i expect with the rest of this pregnancy. question ,y first dr appt is not until january 25 is that safe please help


scared but feelin blessed


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POSTED BY: tanishahunter on 03/20/2012 14:51:08

Well maybe im the youngest in this group. I'm 17 and this is my first baby. No i'm not married....but i am very nervous and scared becasue i dont know whats going to happen or what to expect. I'm new to this website also, so maybe im just a newbie to everything. I'm open to any help and comments and advoce you guys might have, because im going to need it .

Live.Love. Laugh.
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POSTED BY: sathvika on 03/22/2012 07:57:02

Hi......to all mom's,

                         Hearty wishes to everyone & I'm so happy to join this club. I'm in my 2nd trimester halfaway to  see my D's baby. Yes we named our baby so. It's so happy to watch my baby's 1st move inside my womb while doing ultrasound & its so for my hubby too, he feels so great more than me to watch his baby moving. Now he is always talking about the baby. I'm enjoying it a lot seeing him happy more than ever. I adore him as much as my baby. I'm feeling so great. Let's feel so great to be a women.             &nb sp;        

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