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Community News | Jipusi-yarn Is One Integrated Comprehensive Compan

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POSTED BY: fujihdmanufacturer on 04/07/2017 01:44:59

jipusi-yarn.com is one integrated comprehensive company of Polyester POY industry, trade and investment, the company located in xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, which is in the middle of yangtze economic area.

The company deals in polyester poy, fdy, dty, embroidery thread, and Polyester Yarn

Goods selling to around the world: brazil, peru, argentina, egypt, syria, korea, indonesia, pakistan, morocco, mexico and so on.

To become a famous group, we will reply on import and export trade, take talent and clients as the foundation, implement the strategy of brand management and group development, take efforts in management, hold honesty and trustworthiness as a guide and create the well-known brand.

Jipusi-yarn Commitment

- Corporate principle: NO CREDIT, NO GAIN.

- Honest operation.

- Free sample is available for clients,you just need to pay for express charge.

- Specialized detailed manufacturing firms available with reliable products and competitive prices, as well as prompt delivery time.

- ODM/OEM service about differential and functional chemical fiber products can be customized by the clients' request.

- We will try our best to provide any help in your using process and 12h on call for clients' consultation. Polyester POY : http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/