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Health | Severe tooth pain - Need help!!

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POSTED BY: deborah90 on 06/07/2017 06:31:52

Hi!! I have been suffering from tooth pain and severe headache for a while (it's difficult to chew on my left side). The gums are bleeding and I'm not able to sleep properly because of the pain.

One of my cousins who is doing medical course said, these are the symptoms of damaged nerve and she said I might need to undergo root canal therapy asap. I have scheduled an appointment with a dental care clinic in Toronto on 12th June. My cousin said they might use local anesthesia before the procedure, so it would be better to consult my OB/GYN before the procedure. Since I couldn't get the appointment for this week, I called upon my OB/GYN. My OB said it's better to get the root canal therapy in the second trimester. He also mentioned not to use epinephrine (local anesthesia) for numbness as it is not safe.

While researching online, I saw that our body produces epinephrine on its own under the stressful condition. This might have an adverse affect on the baby. I know dental work can be done during the second trimester, can anyone here help me out. Is it safe to wait until I give birth to my little one? I'm scared that my teeth would get infected more but I don't want to take any risks. I'm almost 20 weeks along. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!