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Health | Broken teeth in 10 year old

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POSTED BY: CindyTolman on 06/08/2017 04:47:25

Hi! I am a mother of two kids, Paul and Richard. It is actually fun having children at home. To speak about my kids, they are naughty and at the same time the most adorable ones. I love them a lot. Paul is 6 and Richard is 10. Yesterday evening while playing outside, Richard slipped and his face hit the ground. His front tooth broke. He had slight pain at that time but it increased at night. He had swelling too. I tried putting ice packs. The swelling reduced but still there is pain. I think it is better to take him to a dentist asap and fix this. I booked an appointment at an emergency dental services near Toronto. He is scared of doctors and hospitals from childhood itself. I don’t know how to convince him and take him there. What did you say to your young ones before their first dental visit? Has anyone here dealt with broken tooth in your young ones? If so, please be kind to share your experience.