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Health | Anesthesia for 12-year old. Any problem?

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POSTED BY: JudyParedes on 06/20/2017 02:51:42


Hey, my young one is having severe toothache due to tooth decay. She is just 12 years old. I always ask her to brush twice a day and floss regularly, but she doesn’t listen to me. I can’t see her suffering from the pain. Due to this pain, she didn’t go to class for 2 days. Because of the severe toothache, she is now developing slight headache. I am planning to take her to a dentistry clinic for kids in Scarborough. Actually, what will the procedure be like? Is there a need for root canal treatment? Or is putting crowns enough? I don’t know much about dental procedures. Let it be anything, will she be given anesthesia? Or else she will resist undergoing the treatment. Is there any problem in giving general anesthesia for kids of her age? Please share your thoughts about this.