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Product Reviews | Smooth Away Hair Removal Review

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POSTED BY: administrator on 08/18/2009 21:39:28

Does Smooth Away really buff away unwanted body hair?  I decided to give it a try.  At the cost of $9.99, who could resist.  I put the buffer together, simple.  All you do is take a pad with an adhesive back off and stick it on the applicator and you are good to go.  It did take quite a bit of getting used to as my arms got quite the workout, but hey, I think they need a work out.  It took me about ten minutes to do the lower half of both legs.  After which, they felt almost smooth as the pad buffs away dead skin.  I do wonder however if I do this every other day, will it cause irritation.  Some have reported skin irritation or rashes while other praise the product.  I say, I liked the way my legs felt because I hate using a razor.  I will use Smooth Away again.  Read more of my review here,

Smooth Away Review

I'm curious to know how it worked for others.