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Developmental Disability includes Autism Jered Weaver Angels Jersey , Asperger's, PDD and other diagnoses. Developmental Delay includes ADD, Learning Disability, Dyslexia, and more. Then there is Global Developmental Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder, and I don't know where they fit in the official structure of diagnostic categories, but I know they are a developmental problem.

I have been working with children with developmental problems for a few years. I use the terms developmental problems to encompass everything from Developmental Disability to Developmental Delay, and even more. In our consulting program we consider them all fundamentally the same. They differ only by degrees. We have developed protocols which succeed with all of the developmental problems. Our technique cultivates the childs hidden capability for becoming age-appropriate.

How many are affected?

All of these developmental problems add up to about 28 million children in America. The Census Bureau reports there a total of 85 million children in America. The APA (American Pediatric Association) tells us that one in every six children have a diagnosis for some developmental problem (16.7%). The different associations for all of the individual diagnostic categories of developmental problems all agree when they tell us that about 50% of the children with these problems obtain a diagnosis for their problem (for a total of 33%). And, one third of 85 million is 28 million children.

That means that 33% of all the children in every class have some degree of developmental problem. Maybe it shows up as an inability to focus or sit still. Maybe it shows up as an inability to learn basic skills. Maybe it shows up as an inability to hit a ball. Maybe it is so intensive Huston Street Angels Jersey , the children never learn to connect to the context. Maybe it is mild and only an inconvenience to the child and the parents.

In whatever form, developmental problems seem to be growing in numbers. We are certainly getting more precise with our diagnoses. And, we are certainly advanced as a country so that we offer those testing services to more families who otherwise could not afford it. But, I am not sure this is the reason we have 33% of our children with developmental problems.

When I was a child in school, many years ago, I do not remember 33% of the children having these types of problems in my neighborhood. I remember that maybe 5% to 10% might have had these kinds of problems, but I do not think it amounted to 33%.

What is a developmental problem?

In basic terms, it is some interruption in the developmental process. All living things move through a life cycle. Much of the early phases of that life cycle are spent in developing. From conception to maturity, all living entities move through a series of milestones. For us humans Garrett Richards Angels Jersey , we refer to these as our developmental milestones.

For children with developmental problems, they do not move through their steps appropriately. They get stuck at some of the steps. They skip some steps. So, many of the early learning processes needed for appropriate maturity, are skipped. And, in some cases a child gets stuck in a stage and does not pass out of it on to the next developmental stage.

In my opinion, all of the unique diagnostic categories are related to some simple elements. In which developmental steps did the child get stuck or which steps did the child lose? How intense is the stuckness? And, how many steps did the child lose?

What can be done about it?

All of the different diagnostic label associations in the field of developmental problems are clearly speaking on one voice when they say that the 1) developmental process is blocked and that 2) there is no cure.

Researchers in this field do not know what to do to solve developmental problems. Nothing that they try affects the developmental process. For decades professionals have tried everything they can think of to do and nothing works.

After all these frustrating years, they have finally agreed with each other that there is no cure. And, now it is officially agreed. All of the diagnostic associations and all of the committees creating the diagnostic definitions have agreed that there is no cure. Now Danny Duffy Angels Jersey , they invest all of their research funding on finding causes instead of finding fixes for 28 million children with these developmental problems.

They have attempted many things, but they have not attempted everything.

With our process your children plug the holes in their movement through the developmental milestones. Our technique cultivates the childs hidden capability for becoming age-appropriate.

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RC Bailey has degrees in Anthropology and Educational Counseling. His international consulting program (English & Spanish), is unique because it concentrates on developmental progress and predictably gets it operating again. Checkout his Blog and his free Developmental Checklist.

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