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Maybe Pregnant | Am I pregnant or not?

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POSTED BY: stephpfeifer on 11/08/2009 18:07:36

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now and I stopped taking the pill over a year ago. I missed my period in October. All the test I do have come back negative, but I have been throwing up, cranky, tired, bloated, stomach is harder than normal, boobs are tender, and boobs are darker...... Am I pregnant????? What is going on with me? The due date calculators I do say I would be 5 week pregnant if I am but not test are coming up positive.......

POSTED BY: jlynn8403 on 11/09/2009 05:36:21

You could be pregnant. I have heard of a lot of woman who have missed 2 or 3 cycles, taken many home tests and blood tests and all came back negative. They finally had an U/S and found out that they indeed were pregnant. I was a week and a half late on my cycle, took several tests all came back negative. I was have some sympotms making me think I might be pregnant. I had some very light spotting for 2 days but then unfortunatly my cycle came yesterday. I would try and see if you can get into your doctors as soon as possible and talk to them and see what they want you to do. GOODLUCK!!!!!

Hoping to be pregnant
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POSTED BY: Jordyy on 03/07/2010 19:14:45

I definitely agree :) Go to the doctors and get a blood test because i'm pretty sure they ae much moe accurate then your average pregnancy test. I took one very early (4 and a half weeks) and it came up positive. So I guess it depends on different people to how much of the hormone you make as I didn't have any signs other then I had been feeling sick and my friend nagged me into taking one. Good luck!

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POSTED BY: Admin on 09/15/2010 08:57:25

Hi StephPfeifer,

Gee, wondering what your results were and hoping the two of you had conceived.

Let us know how you are,


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POSTED BY: mommy911 on 01/07/2011 13:18:33

Wow - it's been awhile - any updates? Enquiring minds...

Kids have a way of keeping life interesting...
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