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October 2012 Due Date Club | Welcome

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POSTED BY: Alice30 on 03/22/2012 15:32:26


I too also found out on Valentines day and we are due October 31...this will be our third child. We are a little scared however cause our youngest is soon to be 11yrs old, so you can say we are gunna be learning all over agian.

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POSTED BY: ktsquier on 03/22/2012 19:40:03

HI from Kansas! This is baby number 4 (third pregnancy!) We are due on October 25! Can't wait ready for this trimester to be over, feeling like a big blob of blah! Congrats to you all!!

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POSTED BY: Hilda on 03/23/2012 08:04:37

Admin wrote:

Welcome to all ladies due in October 2012! Feel free to introduce yourselves here, or start your own topics.

Hi moms to be!am from Nigeria and am 10 wks gone but the nausea just wont stop and i tend to fart a lot especially at work,so embarrassing!,Hilda

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POSTED BY: mirandataylor016 on 03/31/2012 00:47:18

Hi everyone! im 9 weeks today and am actually due between oct. 31-nov.3rd,im thinking the baby willl come in October tho,Im so excited!!! nice to meet everyone!!!

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POSTED BY: cbrier86 on 04/15/2012 14:03:24

Hey My name is Crystal I am from Ontario Canada and on baby number 2 have not told anyone yet as i dont feel pregnant I didnt find out i was pregnant with my son untill i was 15 weeks and i found out this time at 7 weeks so not really sure what i am to feel right now a little nervious wishing i had of wait to take the test now lol

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