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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 09/13/2017 07:38:32

issue, Leshan Kyrgyzstan flooring products Co., Ltd.composite tongue and groove exterior flooring distributor issued a statement on December 13, saying 'has the same model and batch of products sent to Beijing authorities national wood-based panels and wood Bamboo products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for third-party re-examination,[url=http://funkystuff.org/wall-panel/2709.html]waterproof deck cladding distributor[/url] on November 25 received the product testing report, the test results for the formaldehyde emission 0.4mgl / L, indicating that the batch of qualified products, consumers can rest assured that use. 'At this point, the incident came to an end. In recent years, the floor as an important interior decoration materials, its demand increased year by year. At the

same time, Consumers Association received complaints about the quality of the floor is also increasing. Beginning in September 2004, the provincial Consumers Association joint forest forest (commercial)non slip interior exterior flooring quality supervision and inspection stations, Changchun Province,[url=http://funkystuff.org/wpc-deck/1981.html]bathroom wall pvc board cladding india[/url] the market sales of the quality of the floor sampling, the results of only 20 kinds of flooring products are classified products. Consumers Association staff introduced the situation of the sampling. Provincial Consumers Association Joint Provincial Forest Products (Commodities) Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, from the end of September 2004, the organization

of floor vendors to participate in the appearance of the floor specifications, static strength and other important performance indicators of the spot checks and comparative experimentalheated outdoor patio decking activities The After the random sampling of the warehouse and the sales site, the provincial Consumers Association final assessment of 'life home', 'good home' and other 20 brands for the provincial Consumers Association in 2005 to promote products.[url=http://funkystuff.org/diy-decking/71.html]industrial landscaping supplies composite edging[/url] According to the Consumers Association staff, although the recommended 20 brands of flooring as a referral merchandise, but the overall situation of Changchun flooring market is not optimistic. At present,