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November 2012 Due Date Club | a home fetal doppler

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POSTED BY: mirandataylor016 on 03/31/2012 00:42:29

I just recieved my doppler in the mail today,very excited but I dont think I could hear the heartbeat,I heard my own but not the babys,which kind of worries me because I heard it both times at the doctors(one at 6 weeks and 2 days and the other at 8 weeks and 2 days),and cant hear it with my doppler,which actually wasnt that expensive and has great reviews,im 9 weeks along today,any advice? its the doppler called fetal doppler B,baby sounds. which I know your not suppose to hear it on one of those until like 12 weeks but I heard it so early at the doctor I figured I would be able to hear it on it!!! any advice is greatly appreciated,thanks and God bless to all!!!

POSTED BY: Gracie on 04/01/2012 14:32:04

I can't really comment because I'm not a midwife... but I do use vascular (to listen to blood circulation in feet) dopplers in my work and know there is a huge difference in makes and the quality of sound you get with them.

I suspect the dopplers you can buy for home use are not of the same calibre as the one your midwife/doctor will have (ones we use in clinic are over £500 and are very sensitive!). 

They also work at different frequencies - so ones that can penetrate deeply are about 2MHz, other fetal ones are about 3MHz which work better later on because your bigger baby is nearer 'the surface'. We use 8MHz probes, not at all suitable as a fetal doppler. I don't know what the frequency of the one you have is, but it might not be a 2MHz one.

Anyway, hang in there until later on and you'll probably get a good signal with your one! :-) xx

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POSTED BY: Gracie on 04/02/2012 08:48:35

Also forgot to mention - try having a full bladder when you use your doppler, it will help raise your uterus 'up' so it's easier to get a signal (one of the reasons they want a full bladder when doing ultrasounds).

The other thing, the Dr and Midwife have used dopplers hundreds of times. There is a knack to working with them, so don't worry if you can't do it first time, or even the first few times.

Good luck!

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