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December 2012 Due Date Club | Wouldn't a New Year's baby for sweet?!

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POSTED BY: ResideMom on 04/23/2012 15:18:08

If I could choose just exactly when to have a baby, I think I'd choose New Year's Eve or Day -or- some time in the month of April.

I just got a positive pregnancy test, and I don't have a real appointment with my doctor until next Thursday.

I will just be happy to have a baby!

POSTED BY: belanger2006 on 04/24/2012 13:43:55

congrats to you wish you nothing but the healthest pregancy im new to this site

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POSTED BY: ResideMom on 04/24/2012 17:13:34

Thank you so much!

And I don't know why the title of this does say what I thought I typed "Wouldn't a New Year's baby be sweet!"  That's what I meant to say.  Sheez!  All the excitement!.....

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