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POSTED BY: yummy_mummy on 06/07/2012 00:15:17

After giving birth to our precious daughter september 2011 we decided that we'd start to try for another baby when she was 6 months old as we thought ok it took us over 6 months to fall with our daughter surely we'd have to wait a while to fall again, but boy were we wrong lol..

Feb 2012 came and Ruby was 5 months old and i decided to take a pregnancy test as i had been feeling "different" well what do you know a very faint positive came up - went to the docs and got it comfirmed i was about 4 weeks pregnant.... 2 weeks passed and things were going ok but we had a lot of dramas with our next door neighbour where he was threatening me and screaming at me when i was holding Ruby a few days later i started bleeding and had an ultrasound to confirm our saddest thoughts :( we had lost our baby and the doctors put it down to stress which we blame on the W*&(@R  next door as our life it otherwise peaceful and stress free...

well 2 weeks passed by and i felt ready to have sex again that was the first time since the miscarriage. we had then decided that we would wait another year to try again as we were happy with where we were in our life with our lil family and also so my body could heal from my surgery in december..

We went away for the long weekend to visit my family 6 hours away and i had been sick for about a week now and we thought i had food poisoning :/ whilst away i found it hard to sleep and when i did i would wake up needing to rn to the toilet to be sick and i would have sever hot flashes where id be pouring out with sweat :/ mum and dad then made my fiance take me to the chemist and talk to the pharmisist (sp?)

Anyway the pharmisist suggested i take a pregnancy test as he didnt think it was anything else and gave me some travel sickness tablets that helped with the sickness a bit - well we bought some HPT'S and as soon as we got back to my Ma and Pa's i took a test and before i could finish peeing a positive line came up before the controll line .... i came out of the toilet almost yelling BABY WERE PREGNANT!!!!!

when we got back home we went to our doctors to confirm it and to find out how far along we were - from our calculations we should have only been about 3-4 weeks pregnant well NOPE my levels came back at 90 000 and indicating i was between 6-10 weeks pregnant..... dunno how though and were still confused as to it all even the doctors are lol

we got told that it might be twins but had a scan to rule it out but the got told that i would need to be tested for TBD ( pregnany tumours on the placenta )

i had my 12 week NT scan and the tech said everything was perfect and baby looked healthy...... im now 14+2 and still as sick as before ive lost almost 16 kilos since we found out i was pregnant 2 more to go and ie lost the same as what i did with our daughter.....

were having a 3d-4d scan on the 17th of june to detemind if our baby is a boy or a girl xx xx

My fiance and i are getting married in 6 weeks and 2 days and ill be almost 21 weeks pregnant

Sorry for the novel lol just thought youd like to know it all hehehe