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POSTED BY: natalie2188 on 11/25/2012 06:58:27

Hi Everyone


Well i already have 2 kids one is 3 and one is 15months


i recently found out im pregnant, had 6 blood tests since 31st oct, i slept with my bf on the 19th till to 21st oct and then missed a period, i done home tests n doc blood tests, they had to rule out ectopic pregnancy 

i had a scan done beginin nov they cudnt see anything in my womb... but i had another scan done on thursday and got told there is a a sac n that i dont understand and tha it is in the right place just really small and really early, i have another scan booked for the 6th dec to see if the baby is developing or if its failing.



well at first we both said to have a termination but have decided to keep it now but my mum does want me to keep it as she keeps sayin i cant cope with the two i got when i have done so since they was both born on my own.

i am scared and worrying i dont wanna worry myself to much, my bf says if i keep worryin its not doing me much good..


can someone please help me im confused , i dont even no how many weeks i cud be

POSTED BY: Carmie on 07/27/2014 06:56:10

Hi there, do not worry yourself too much because it will affect your unborn baby. Better stay optimistic and relax, pray always and let Him do ther rest. I will share with you a free site that could help you calculate your baby's due date, good luck. http://www.babyduedatecalculator.net/ 

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