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General Discussion | Introduction of geothermal floor raw materials

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/02/2017 03:40:37

Teak, Connaught high Myanmar only selected the original tree: teak is Burmese national treasure, because the wood itself texture lines beautiful, oily, is the best in the solid wood flooring. Teak wear, corrosion, glossy bright as new,wpc dock decking price beautiful patterns, elegant colors, good stability. In European countries, teak is used to make the most luxurious yacht, TITANIC (Titanic) deck is decorated with teak, it looks still very good today; a hundred years of history of the cathedral and ancient buildings are also teak Do the floor.

Fen Longyan, Connaught high only use Indonesia's original tree: Fenghuang wood heart of the distinction between obvious, side wood color light, heart material reddish brown to pink texture clear pass slightly staggered,noble composite deck sale slightly rough structure, good stability, wear Resistant to termite, is one of the world's most famous species.

European rubber, Connaught high only use the northern part of the original trees in Europe: oak distributed in the northern hemisphere of the mild areas, its color, texture, characteristics, nature will change with the origin. In general,buy wholesale composite fence panels the European rubber has a more obvious mountain-shaped grain, the tree was yellow brown to red and brown, with good visual effects, the wood hard, delicate structure, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good stability Impact, European rubber color and beautiful, is the ideal ground material.

Asian pear, Novo only use the original Senegal of Africa: Asian pear is also called African rosewood,freestanding 2ft fence longer than Senegal, Guinea Bissau and other tropical African countries. It has a special aroma and beautiful texture; delicate structure, stable performance. Heart material color difference is very large, you can interpret a variety of different styles. In addition, the sub-rosewood structure, wood dry shrinkage is small, easy to water swelling, hardness and toughness are better.