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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/02/2017 09:47:07

not standardized on the one hand, but would like to use 'speculation' approach to business, will go to perish. Product prices can not be sustained, because it does not reflect the value it should, of course, consumption can not continue. 'A penny goods', this is only that the value of the use of the product itself. To do 'a cargo money', we

must give 'goods' in the more valuable things. Lose point of the three: heavy corporate image, ignoring the image of this image in large and medium-sized composite flooring enterprises in the more concentrated. In the impression of consumers, up to only heard of its advertising or the strength of a company, in good standing, but little is known

about its products. Corporate image is important, but the market share of the competition is mainly dependent on the product image that is the product brand building, not just corporate brand highlights. Consumers buy products that are not the name of a business. Point of the four: excessive promotion, the lack of core competitiveness There

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