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General Discussion | toxic substances harm

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/04/2017 03:54:55

furniture popular today, there are still a lot of economic capacity of people in the purchase of furniture when biased mahogany furniture. According to industry insiders, this is mainly because the mahogany furniture environmental protection. A lot of mahogany furniture without paint, no toxic substances harm; In addition, mahogany furniture is

not only practical, long storage time and has considerable appreciation potential. According to reports, mahogany furniture for decades will not be bad, even available a hundred years, but no one set of leather sofa or fabric sofa can be used for decades without damage. The most critical, but also the preservation of mahogany furniture, the

real mahogany furniture, the more valuable, buy a set of mahogany furniture can not only use at home, but also to children and grandchildren. Dongguan, a mahogany art center in an interview with reporters also pointed out that the mahogany furniture has a great appreciation of space, the price of mahogany furniture over the years is

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