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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/04/2017 07:29:05

visited so many home, basically every family has a certificate, he did not know really fake. And heard the knock is only to their own heart to comfort, in fact, simply can not see why. Another 5% of consumers said they would directly hit the Jilin forest workers to ask whether they want to buy the furniture brand is really using the \ 'dew river'

plate. 30-year-old Miss Zhang said she was recently selected furniture, so many people say that with the 'dew river' plate, heart doubts, then call to choose their own brand is really use the 'dew river' board , The result is the answer is that the brand only bought a small amount of plate. So she had to give up the brand, re-dizzy but the reporter

found in the interview, like Miss Zhang, so few consumers, most of them feel trouble or feel no way to start, I do not know how to identify the authenticity. October 22, Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group and the Russian Federation Amur Joya Wood Production Co., Ltd. To develop the value of 200 million US dollars of forest

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