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POSTED BY: misshuana on 10/05/2017 00:52:28
Engineering and Technology is an established field of study available globally. With various specialisation courses on offer Wholesale Jerseys , students can choose to study one to become qualified trade-engineers. Australia is a hub for international students to continue their higher education. The enrolment of foreign students for engineering courses has increased rapidly in Australian universities over the years.

Why has Australia become attractive for foreign engineering students? Read on to find out the advantages enjoy by students pursuing higher education in Australia.

Abundant Top Ranked Universities

Australia has seven top-ranked universities offering engineering and technology courses, based on Times Higher Education World University Ranking in 2015-2016. Studying in the reputed universities is a giant step for aspirants to become qualified engineers. It enables students to broaden their knowledge while continuing higher education necessary to start an illustrious career ahead.

Diverse Engineering Courses Available

Universities are offering several courses in engineering to aspirants. Students can choose to study certificate courses, masters, to specialisation in the engineering field. Courses are created to the international standard to develop skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the trade. Modern facilities are utilised in training and research which lead to the development of innovative skills.

The popular engineering courses that are on offer in universities: civil, mechanical, electrical, geological, petroleum Cheap NFL Jerseys Online , aerospace, mining, marine, agricultural, biomedical, and environmental among others for students. Join engineering courses in Sydney to get quality training excellent teaching staff to develop skills and knowledge. Engineers Australia is responsible for accreditation of engineers in Australia. After completion of the course, international graduates may get accreditation from the body after assessment of skills which increase career prospects globally.

High Employment Prospects and Migration

Australia is facing an acute shortage of qualified engineers in many sectors – highest in mining and resources. Hence study engineering courses in Brisbane to get a high possibility of getting employment in the local industry after completing graduation. In fact, international graduates are vital to meeting Australia’s skill shortage as skilled migrant engineers constituted half of the Australian workforce Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , as per ANET figures.

The engineering industry of Australia is experiencing a rapid boost in these days. Skilled migration is essential for economic needs of Australia and qualified engineering graduates get high priority in getting a permanent residence visa. First, they are offered a skilled graduate (temporary) visa to gain work experience post-graduation. Apart from that, graduates can utilise SkillSelect and Employer Nomination Scheme to get PR in Australia.

Recognised Internship Program Available

Fresh engineering graduates face obstacles in getting employment in the local industry. It is because companies demand real work experience and skills from candidates for recruitment. The Professional Year in Engineering is an internship program designed by Engineering Education Australia to prepare foreign graduates for the domestic market. Besides getting relevant skills, graduates get course certificate and migration points completing the program successfully.

Many students love to pursue second masters after completion of engineering studies in Australia. For them, the IT courses in Brisbane are right to get migration points and increase the chance of getting permanent residency. Hire our education experts for counselling and guidance in starting a successful career. The role of marketing in business has changed significantly with the rise of mobile e-commerce, virtual stores, and SMS marketing and mobile websites. In addition, the explosion of iPad Cheap NFL Jerseys China , iPhone and Android development across mobile and tablet platforms has further enhanced mobile’s influence on consumers and clients.

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