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General Discussion | floor Monitoring found

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/05/2017 02:18:02

furniture, not to buy wood. Heilongjiang Province wood-based panel and log saws product quality supervision and inspection station recently Yichun, Hegang, Qiqihar, Jixi and other places 66 distribution units sold 54 batches of wood-based panels and 40 batches of the quality of the floor Monitoring found that the quality of wood-based

panel there are serious problems, the pass rate of less than 10%. After testing, wood-based panel qualified only 5 batches, with a pass rate of 9.3%, 49 batches failed, the failure rate of 90.7%. Which exceeded 15 batches of formaldehyde emission, accounting for 27.8% of the sampling of wood-based panel. The highest value of 58 mg /

100 grams board, more than allowable value of 7.25 times. Static bending strength unqualified, accounting for 57.4% of the total batch of wood-based panel; floor qualified 16 batches, with a pass rate of 40%. Unqualified 24 batches, the failure rate of 60%, of which the number of wear and tear failed 20 batches, accounting for half

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