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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/06/2017 01:48:25

the wind furniture, because the wind is the largest supplier of Lushui River plate, but also 100% use of dew river E0 grade plate customers The At the same time as the wind furniture in the market a good reputation, this activity is better, the amount of wind furniture, compared to other brands signed 70-80% higher. Plate business to face

the terminal is inevitable home business people generally believe that in the second half of this year the market will be affected by the second regulation into a more depressed period of time. Zhang Zhili told reporters that the plate business should take a more effective way to do with the market to help customers better against market

risks, a total of winter. For the Lushui River, directly to the customer terminal to face the consumer, or the first time, but also an inevitable trend. Italian wind furniture and dew river plate during the 11 preferential activities during the middle of this year, the Lushui River plate once raised price once. By the transport, raw materials, water and

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