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General Discussion | humidity changes

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 10/07/2017 00:55:09

the floor how to lay the bamboo charcoal method and pay attention to it! For the edge of the wall, under the windowsill, the door, floor and floor tiles at the location of the need to focus on laying, in accordance with the standard amount to operate. Because these parts, some humidity or humidity changes, the ridge of the life, the use of the floor are very large

impact. Such as the windowsill, when the rain, the humidity is large, and to the sunny day, and become more dry and hot; and then the wall side, the wall of water vapor will penetrate into the ridge to cause adverse effects; if the floor is low, but also take into account The moisture on the ground will also penetrate through the cement. So these locations are the need

to focus on laying bamboo charcoal place, need to follow the standard to shop, for serious cases, more than the standard amount of laying will achieve the desired results. Recently, more than 30,000 Canadian Camp Douglas fir and spruce and other logs arrived in Xiuyu Hong Kong, which is the first time in the Sino-Canadian bilateral agreement to amend the

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