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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 11/10/2017 05:17:23

Wood plastic materials, "Beach" green building materials market Main decoration decoration market For many people, Wumei may still be a strange term. This reporter learned that WPC, also known as ecological wood, is based on woody plants, grasses and vines and their processing residues as the main raw material, with a certain proportion of polymer, through how to repair wood chair slats physical, chemical and automation control Such as high-tech means, the professional processing of synthetic processing of a recyclable environment-friendly new materials.

"This material not only combines the dual merits of wood and plastic in performance, but also possesses the advantages that ordinary building materials do not have." Liu Shijun, Chairman of Pujin Plastic Steel Industry Co., Ltd., introduced that compared knotty pine panels 1x24x48 cabinet grade with wood and fiberboard, Plastic composite materials in the wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-deformation, flame retardant, environmental protection and other prominent advantages, to withstand cold and dry weather in the north and hot and humid weather in southern plate damage to the performance.

A major factor restricting wood and plastic materials from entering the field of interior how to build a balcony roof decoration in our country is that the traditional sensory grades of wood and plastic materials are not high enough. The use of wood-plastic materials in interior decoration will be greatly increased if the "face-saving" project is well done. For example, the use of solid wood veneer, can be used as flooring, decorative plates, partitions, etc .

with melamine film paper composite, can be used to make furniture; made in wood-plastic materials on a variety of wood, color patterns, can be used as Decorative panels; wood plastic materials can also be made of core board material. The reporter noted that the Ao Sheng San Sheng San launched the Austrian family of wood products, all kinds of wood pattern up to dozens of species, effectively decks with wood and composite built-in improving the indoor use of wood-plastic materials, ornamental.